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NANO Z COATING is proud to present:
NANO Z - Dust Control Eco-Platform

A substrate based on bio-mimicry technology made of a unique mixture of nanomaterials and eco-friendly elements, state of the art green solution and 100% biodegradable, non-flammable materials.

The system was tested in accordance with US EPA- 81102 Standard and the Israeli air pollution standards.

NANO Z Eco-Platform offers the following uniqueness benefits:


Reduces costs per square meter in short-term returns as a direct result of reducing water costs, eliminating purchase costs of other dust suppressants, reducing accidents, site downtime and corrosion damages


Huge savings of more than 85% potable water


Eco-friendly - 100% degradable materials


Eliminates the use of traditional pollutant materials


Controls the dust value


Reduces dramatically air pollution


Improves environment public health


Saves the state many investments in public health spending


Eliminates pollution of groundwater, rivers, streams and agricultural areas


Reduces accidents on site caused by poor visibility, site closure, thereby to significant financial losses


Prevents corrosion of site tools and facilities caused by using magnesium chloride or other corrosive coatings


Easy to apply, store and maintain




Protects the health of site workers by eliminating inhalation of magnesium chloride containing dust particles or permanent fine dust particles that contains other dust treatments


The product is available in a bright green shade to increase visibility and enable easy measuring of NANO Z - Eco-Platform substrate efficiency values

NANO-Z COATING LTD. is a world leader in the research, development, and manufacturing of advanced nanotechnology materials and applications.

The global problem of dust, the increasing total dust pollution emitted into the air, the pollution of water and food sources...

The issue of dust carried on unpaved haul roads and emission of dust particles under PM-10 ...

The NANO Z - Dust Control Eco-Platform creates a smart water trap for sprayed water on the ground, "stores and captures" the water within the ...

Over the past few years, many dust suppression methods investigated as a means to curb emissions and dispersion of dust particles ...

NANO Z - Dust Control Eco-Platform tested by AIR-LAB Air Testing Laboratories Ltd., the leader in air quality testslab in Israel...

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