About us

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NANO-Z COATING LTD. has been involved in the development and manufacturing of nanotechnology coatings since 2011.

NANO-Z COATING LTD. is one of the few and leading companies in Israel and abroad that specifically deals in the design of pure nanometric coating materials, precisely modified for their particular purposes. Our goal is to integrate this seemingly impossible, breakthrough technology at a reasonable price.

The raw materials used are of the highest quality, based on exclusive, unique, patent-protected technologies, utilizing knowledge and innovative methods specifically developed for the production of nano-products under constant and rigorous inspection, featuring a wide range of certifications, such as: ISO 9000; ISO 9001; and ISO 9001-2000.


In addition, the products are tested in Israel by certified institutions, such as the Israel Standards Institute. For instance, the NANO-Stone ST-1 product was granted the test approval certifying its main properties and capabilities.

NANO-Z COATING LTD. markets its products to leading construction and infrastructures companies in Israel.


NANO-Z COATING LTD. has been successful in exporting its unique range of products to overseas customers and maintains its growth each quarter, while providing support as well as adapted solutions to customers worldwide.


NANO-Z COATING LTD. offers a series of ready-to-use coatings from the exotic world of nanotechnology, intended for the local market as well as export, thus requiring a clean environment, easy to clean and cost-effective in terms of daily maintenance costs, as well as improving quality of life while dealing with stone and marble, construction, infrastructures, textiles, leather, suede, wood, glass, ceramics, iron, plastic, greenhouses, solar panels, and more. The products provide phenomenal features such as a “breathing” capability, invisibility, water and oil repellency, UV-resistance based on natural safe materials. and with the purpose of long-term preservation of the coated objects.

Our solutions and innovation, uncompromising quality, and competitive prices per square meter provide cost-efficiency and reduction of daily maintenance costs. The result: upgraded energy savings, environmental cleanliness, which until now seemed imaginary, and all at reasonable prices. A wide variety of possibilities can now be accessed, extending the lifespan of products and total life cycles with simple, do-it-yourself applications.


NANO-Z COATING LTD. will continue to develop more amazing, breakthrough technologies for a cleaner future and healthier environment, both for the local and overseas markets.

We are always glad to provide support and solutions


Mr.Ofer Levy