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How it works?

The NANO Z - Dust Control Eco-Platform creates a smart water trap for sprayed water on the ground, "stores and captures" the water within the mixture for a much longer time. The NANO Z - Dust Control Eco-Platform drastically reduces the water evaporation rate, caused by environmental conditions and uses water as an efficient and cost-effective barrier. Consequently, this trap maintains the high humidity of the topsoil for extended periods.

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By doing so, the NANO Z - Dust Control Eco-Platform reduces lifted dust, sand, preventing carry, and transporting of dust particles into the atmosphere.


In addition, the NANO Z - Dust Control Eco-Platform prevents soil erosion and displacement caused by the Aeolian movement and presents significantly lower dust pollution values, much more below the recognized international WHO air quality standard. (See attached tests).

The water trap created by the NANO Z - Dust Control Eco-Platform drastically reduces the watering frequency cycles required for dust suppression compared to any other existing means. A single application of water on the substrate at an acceptable flow rate of 4 liters/m², an ambient temperature of 30-33 °C, an average wind speed of 18-25 km/h and an environmental humidity of 50-60% will suffice to suppress the soil for 3 days or more.

This amazing datum presents a huge saving exceeding 85% in potable water needed for effective use in not treated quarries with magnesium chloride, and more than 65% when applied to surfaces treated with magnesium chloride! Additionally, tremendous savings are made in labor, vehicles, and energy used for dust suppression during site operation (for coating with and without magnesium chloride respectively).

NANO Z - Dust Control Eco-Platform is an environment-friendly mixture system applied on the ground. Using standard amounts of water in 3-day cycles will effectively restore and revitalize prolonged dust suppression capabilities.


NANO Z - Dust Control Eco-Platform is applied on the ground in two timings: During the first timing - the initial application of 1-2 inches, depending on the site, the traffic volume, the vehicle's weight, and later, over time, to restore the bedding wherever it been needed during the workflow.

Second timing is renewal of the special liquid material every 25- 35-water spray cycles i.e. 75-105 days.

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