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NANO Z - Product solution

The global problem of dust, the increasing total dust pollution emitted into the air, the pollution of water and food sources, damages to agriculture, the rising use of potable water, and, in particular, the extensive consequences of dust damages combined with magnesium chloride causing increases respiratory disease in humans around the mine site and in general.
Those raised the need to find new solutions that will suppress dust as much as possible while introducing changes with solutions to overcome these problems.

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The NANO Z - Dust Control Eco-Platform technology is a breakthrough in thinking about how to achieve this goal.The product was designed as an eco-friendly, non-flammable, anti-corrosive product featuring 100% degradable natural materials.

NANO Z - Dust Control Eco-Platform feel harmonized with nature without fear of soil contamination, prevents pollution of groundwater, rivers, streams, or crops and mainly focuses on a drastic reduction of potable water uses in order to prevent dust lifting, in
addition to reducing respiratory illnesses problems caused by floating dust with or without magnesium chloride.

NANO Z - Dust Control Eco-Platform is an original development of a unique mixture incorporating nanotechnology designed for dust suppression.


NANO Z - Dust Control Eco-Platform is a patented and registered trademark product consisting of precise wood chips, treated with selected composite materials spread as a ground bedding at a measured thickness.

NANO Z - Dust Control Eco-Platform eliminates the need to use any other coating or dust suppressant and prevents pollution of soil, groundwater, rivers, streams, agricultural areas, and corrosion. In particular, the system increases site safety, reduces accidents and workflow delays, and eliminates human respiratory system damages caused by the use of magnesium chloride or because of overload dust particles in the air. All the aforesaid has a tremendous impact on the monetary profits of site owners and offering to them a great saving and more income as well as to the State on handling and dealing with immediate and long-run damages to public health, water, air, and food.

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