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Tests and Results

Tests and results according to the Israeli and American standards

NANO Z - Dust Control Eco-Platform tested by AIR-LAB Air Testing Laboratories Ltd., the leader in air quality testslab in Israel, using analysis methods approved by the Israeli Ministry of Environmental, inaccordance with the Israeli standard as specified in Clean Air Regulations (updated 2011) and in accordance with the US- EPA 81102 standard. All analysis devices calibrated prior totesting. The National Laboratory Certification Authority in Israel certified AIR-LAB to ISO-17025 as an air quality analyzing company. Methods certified to ISO-17025 are marked with*. Gravimetric analysis of floating dust samples performed at the AIR-LAB Air TestingLaboratory Ltd.


Tests conducted in August 2019, during the hot Israeli summer, at the waste burial,shredding, and construction waste processing site at Kibbutz Naan-Israel, with high ongoinglevels of ambient air pollution. The average daily number of vehicles passed on the NANO Z - Dust Control Eco-Platform bedding was 85 per day and during the test (3 days), more than 250 heavy loadvehicles, weighing 50-80 tons each at a total weight of 12,500-20,000 tons passed on theroad!


According to American and Israeli standards, the tests Analysis results detailed and attachedto the TDS presents outstanding efficiency dust suppression values, 5-8 times better thanrequired!

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